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Low-Tension Buckles for Plastic Strapping. Slip these buckles onto strapping as you tighten. High-Tension Seals ... Use these buckles to secure Light Duty Metal Strapping around pipe or packages. Light Duty Metal Strapping. Use this metal strapping for securing pipe coverings as well as for packaging. Bundling.

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Mar 14, 2018· Plastic Strapping Fasteners. There are many types of fasteners and buckles that can be used to fasten plastic strapping. Like steel strapping, metal buckles can be used with a crimping tool for both manual and automatic equipment. Strapping buckles are made in metal, plastic and wire.

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Plastic strapping and plastic buckles will save your Company money on freight charges by combining a couple of cartons into 1 parcel. Stanley Packaging Polypropylene (PP) plastic strap is designed to run through hand tools and power strapping equipment. It provides superior performance for light to medium-duty bundling and carton strapping applications.

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Plastic Strapping Guide Manual vs Automatic Machines. All plastic strapping can be applied manually and sealed with either buckles or seals. Polypropylene and polyester strapping can also be applied with battery powered and pneumatic tools using either a friction weld or a mechanical seal.

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Plastic buckles: An easy-to-use alternative to metal seals, they do not require an additional tool to seal straps. These buckles are for use with PP strapping only. Steel snap-on: For use with steel strapping. These seals are applied to steel strapping by placing the steel over the strapping ends once the tension has been applied.

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BUCKLES FOR PLASTIC STRAP POLY BUCKLES ⦁ Description 175006: Poly Buckles1/2″N/A10004 lbs 175010: Poly Buckles5/8″N/A10005 lbs WIRE BUCKLES ⦁ Description 175025: Wire Buckles1/2″0.105″100014 lbs 175035: Wire Buckles5/8″0.12″100014 lbs 175045: Wire Buckles3/4″0.12″100019 lbs 175027: Wire Buckles – HD1/2″0.12″100017 lbs WIRE BUCKLES …

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82 products. Strapping seals and buckles secure the ends of plastic, steel, and poly strapping for shipping or storage. Seals form a permanent connection and are applied using a sealing tool. Buckles form a nonpermanent connection that allows straps to be retightened as needed. Apply seals and buckles using strapping tools.

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Phosphate coated buckles are required for woven strap. CWP strapping is the premium brand of strapping and is woven from high-quality polyester yarns making it the superior alternative to other types of strapping including steel, composite and extruded. Our strapping is specifically formulated to meet or exceed the break strength of steel banding.

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Plastic Strapping - Southgate Packaging. The Facts on…. Plastic Strapping. Strapping. Strapping was originally made of steel, which is extremely strong, has low stretch and is heat- and UV-resistant, but also has limitations. It is heavy, easily corrodes, has poor stretch recovery and when it is cut under tension, presents a safety risk.

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May 20, 2012· This all-in-one kit is a simple solution to keeping larger items, like boxes, securely together when packing up for a move. Includes 60 feet of yellow plastic strapping. Includes 10 buckles. Meets US Postal regulations for shipping.

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Use these buckles to secure Light Duty Metal Strapping around pipe or packages. They feed onto strap ends before tension is applied with a tensioner. Note: To match with compatible metal strapping, choose items with the same strapping material and strapping group number. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number.

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Plastic side release buckles and snap buckles can be used for a variety of different applications, though they are most commonly used to make belts and straps. Depending on the style of the plastic buckle clip, multiple sizes may be available to accommodate a range of webbing or strap widths. Select styles of our side release buckles come in ...

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Jul 10, 2017· These 1/2" plastic buckles are the easiest strapping & securing buckles that we have to offer. They're made to be used with our hand grade polypropylene strapping, and are great for holding basic loads, pallets and packages. If you need a stronger buckle, please see our 1/2" HD wire strapping buckles or to seal your strapping with a crimping ...

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Seals and buckles for polypropylene strapping are applied to overlapping strap ends to maintain tension and keep the strapping from slipping. Buckles are held in place with the tension on the strap and do not require special tools to ensure a secure fit. Seals grip the strap surface and are secured using a manually-operated sealing tool.

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White plastic buckles that are applied by hand and for use with 12mm polypropylene strapping. Does away with the need for strapping tools but is only suitable for light duty applications. Boxed in a quantity of 1000. From £17.19 Ex VAT £20.63 Inc VAT. Item pricing.

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Buckles & Seals For Plastic Strapping. Strong metal seals for use with PP and PET strapping. Our plastic buckles are for use with PP (polypropylene) strapping. Simply thread the ends of the band through the buckle and tighten by hand. We are working hard to get more FAQs relating to this product. Please check back soon for more information.

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From £38.07. 4 Variations Available. View Range. Strapping Seals - Closed. From £39.88. 1 Variation Available. View Range. A range of strapping seals and plastic buckles for polypropylene strapping. Plain semi open seals and serrated seals are available from stock.

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The all-in-one kits contain: 3,000 feet of high quality 1/2" plastic strapping. A sturdy hand-held tensioning and cutting tool. 300 Wire or Plastic Buckles. Complete set of instructions and illustrations are printed on the box. Additional strapping seals are always in stock and ready to ship. Call 1-800-441-5090 for questions and quote requests!

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Buckle Packaging was established in 1979 in South Africa by Alan Mason. With a proven track record spanning more than 38 years, Buckle Packaging remains family run, with Anthony Mason at the helm. It is an industry leader with an extensive customer base across Southern Africa and across industries. Phone: +27 (0)11 613 8024 Email: info ...

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Mar 20, 2019· Slip the strapping through the center of the buckle and slide the loop over the open end of the wire on the far side. Take the strap down and away from you, running it under the far side of the buckle. From there, you will run the strapping around the package or pallet and back up to meet the buckle once again.

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Thermo-plastic Handle on 1in Black Tubular Nylon Webbing. Our Price: $3.75. Without webbing.. Made with 1" Black Tubular Nylon Webbing. If you prefer plastic hardware on your tie-downs and webbing, you've found the perfect resource for any and all buckle styles. Get a great deal on plastic strap buckles and rings by checking out our huge ...